September 5, 2008

Free Food for the Frugal

I've been reading about Warren Buffet this month, and learning more about investing, risks, and taking calculated advantage of great opportunities...

Our property is located on an abandoned orchard, and there are a few apple trees remaining here and there. Only rarely do we see enough apples on a tree to get a pie out of it, though. We don't take care of them at all. One year I allowed my boys to use the walnut-sized fruit as ammunition in their war games! (I joined 'em!)

Okay, I'll get more honest. I started it!

A few seasons back I asked my Air Force son to prune one back for me. Basically, I'd hoped he'd butcher it well, so that it would remain in its boundaries for a long time.

This is a strange year!

That same tree has decided to grow so many apples that its overlong branches are bending like the McDonald's arches with the weight. Since I'm hanging out at home alone this month, waiting for my busy fall term of classes to start - I'm harvesting apples!

Applesauce, apple pie, frozen apple slices... This might keep me busy for a week!

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $