April 2, 2009

Is This Being Double-Minded?

I wasn't going to do it, but I registered for classes again today.

This is an example of jumping on an opportunity that presents itself--that could possibly change the course of my life. It's not black or white, right or wrong. It's just an opportunity! I was offered a paying position in the campus health clinic as a medical transcriptionist! I could only accept it though, if I were a current student.

Three days ago I was searching for our next dog from animal shelters, planning to transplant my windowsill tomatoes, and rewriting recipes in my homemade cookbook. Now I'm a student again, just like that!

So maybe my whining about not being able to be a strong professional in both fields was just air leaking from my brain.

I'm not whining now!

I am a solid medical transcriptionist for health documents, and a good copyeditor for book publishing. The manuals and guides are different; but I have, and can learn them.

I finished proofreading the manuscript just last week and had no prospects for work coming in. This opportunity was right on time! If it seems like I'm double-minded; deciding to stay home one week, then changing my mind the next--maybe it's true! I honestly thought I would be home spring term.

I remember though. I did ask God for productive, meaningful, profitable work. Here it is, knocking on my door!


Imagine this: Your grandmother goes into the administration office at your high school and waits in line with your friends for her turn to talk to a counselor! That was me! I needed a copy of my dusty old transcript from the vault...