January 3, 2011

More Moving In

In the dark of this morning I sent Jerry off to start his second term at LCC, and since my work for the day hadn't come yet I looked around the house to see what my next "moving in" project would be.

We did a lot of cutting the last 6 months of 2010. I have Goodwill receipts that account for more than 20 pickup truck loads of donations from our country home that we didn't need (or need to store) any more.

Another thing we cut was our mortgage debt. We are living now for less than rent and will have our small loan paid off in less than 2 years! Yayeee!

Our poor dog Annie must have thought she would certainly be "cut," as well. Her new kennel area is quite a bit smaller than the pasture she used to run in, and she has escaped it almost daily. Our scolding brought serious remorse (in appearance, anyway) but she was determined that it was not her home. However, with more serious fencing and a reward of a big ol' bone I think we are finally convincing her of the truth. So far, so good!

Whoa, my work just arrived! I'll be extra busy today, so let me close by saying that I was able to do the "next thing" in getting us settled in our new home -- I hung the bulletin board frame in the entryway/dining room. We have boxes of picture frames that will end up at Goodwill in our next truckload, but the bulletin board will serve the purpose of reminding us of people we love.

You know what? Jerry's stud finder was no help at all! I certainly did not understand its language, so I poked a few unnecessary holes in the wall to find the stud the old fashioned way. The scars were soon covered up with the board on which I will stick notes, cards, and Christmas pictures from friends and family.