May 28, 2008

Now My Web Site is Down

Because I was unable to update my Web pages last week, I deleted my Web site to start over. I think the problem was that I moved the folders within My Documents, so my server couldn't find them. That's a good theory (I think), but I have had the hardest time getting it up and running again. I can't figure it out.

Moving folders around - I think the need to rearrange things runs in my family. My dad worked part-time for a moving company and was proud of his ability to load a truck so that everything fit perfectly. That worked well for him, but for me: the Web site folder needs to stay put! So I changed its name to: Closer Look Proofreading - do not move this folder!

Learning new things can be so hard, but I guess that's what makes it rewarding. That sounds right, but at this particular moment I don't like it. I feel stressed about it because I made some contacts at the Oregon Christian Writers Conference last week, and now they can't find my Web site. Rats!

Doesn't it say in the Bible somewhere that life is supposed to get easier as we get older? (Do we all presume it will?) I wish it did.

Tonight occurred to me that since I'm still a student I can access the IT lab for advice. Now, that's a good thing! I need to . . .
s t r e t c h
myself again, and keep growing.

Dear God, help me to stay on the path that You have laid out before me.