August 8, 2008

Green, yellow, red, brown, blue, purple

The August grass is crunchy beneath my sneakers, and every step stirs up a little "poof" of dust and attaches itself to the hem of my jeans. Trudging across the yard to the garbage cart through the sunshiny yellow dandelions whipping my ankles, I decide that the differences in the seasons is actually refreshing.

I am spoiled by the naturalness of the color GREEN in our part of Oregon. Green just happens.

I love seeing the weed flowers by the side of the road that I call "July Flowers". They seem to glow blue! And though I see patches of golden brown grass seed farms and blackberries starting to blush red and purple, green still rules! The hillsides are covered with deep green timber and Christmas trees.

I relished the smell of ripened grain baking in the sun as I drove home last night. Then the wind carried in the fragrance of fresh mint from the field.

If the seasons didn't bring changes, I might never notice some of these things. If there were only evergreen trees, I would never enjoy the fragrances from the fields and the wide spectrum of the colors of fruitfulness.

If everything were the same, how dull life would be!