February 26, 2011

A Cold Tour of Junction City

I had to get out! I bundled up, packed up, wrapped up and tied my shoes, then pulled on my gloves and headed out the door. I am a chronic homebody, but I had to get OUT! I live here, work here, sleep here, eat here, Facebook here, even exercise here; but there’s only so much “in the cave” alone time an old girl can take. I don’t intend to sound like I’m whining. It was just time for a break, and Friday seems like the perfect day for escapes!

It was good to just get to the end of the driveway. The seriously cold wind threatened to make me change my mind but I only considered that briefly. I imagined myself in my younger days exploring the streets of Eugene to exercise and pray. I decided that wandering is still in me, so I prepared for a frozen face as I pressed on.

My path was mostly dry, but there were spots with mounds of melting snow and sheets of ice that made me step carefully. I chose my route staying “on the sunny side of life” and ended up in downtown Junction City in about 10 minutes.

The Goodwill store was my first stop. I poked around and warmed up in the kitchen utensil area. I picked up an aebleskiver pan and called my daughter to confer with her about its worthiness. We decided against buying it.

I pulled on my gloves again and prepared for the icy blast as I opened the door to head towards the bank. The most difficult entry of my day was navigating the snow in front of the Citizen’s Bank. Inside, the sign said I should take my hat off for my own safety. I complied though I'm sure I don’t look like a person who intends to do mischief, not the kind that would worry them anyway!

Downtown I stopped in at Remnants of the Day, a shop I had been curious about. They specialize in using materials left over from outfitting coaches. I had a nice chat with the owner and came out with a quote for recovering my grandmother’s old chair. I think my sister Lisa would LOVE to work in a place like this with its beautiful remnants stacked to the ceiling and massive tables to cut and work on.

I headed over the railroad tracks to Bi-Mart to find my favorite Altoid Mints. I stuffed them tightly into my small pack and turned for home.

My escape worked! I arrived home refreshed and ready for a nice warm evening with my husband.