March 16, 2009

FOR TODAY (March 16, 2009)...
Outside My Window...the fir trees are quietly waving at me, stretching their fingers in the warm sun after the drenching morning rains.
I am thinking...God is allowed to change my schedule!
I am thankful for...deepening friendships: Nina from Junction City, Musonda from Zambia, and Pam and Laurie from Eugene.
From the husband, no daughter to make dinner for tonight, so I think I'll make rice.
I am hair down on my shoulders.
I am creating...more excuses not to be working on the manuscript.
I am change that plan. A good swim work-out will do the trick!
I am reading...too many posts on Facebook.
I am husband and son make it home from Florida tomorrow.
I am hearing...the same songs over and over on Christian radio.
Around the's time to clean the carpet.
One of my favorite things...ten noisy, hungry 4-week-old chicks in my shed. I may have ten too many layers! Maybe I'll sell some when they mature.
A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: I want to proofread 25 pages per day to make my deadline.
Here is picture thought I am sharing...One-week-old chick