May 6, 2008

I'm Too Old For This

At least, I want to think I am. I am too old to try to build my own Web site! Can you hear the rhythmic thumping of my head banging against my desk?

With encouragement from many I have embarked on this new adventure in learning. I have a domain name (, and I'm waiting to see something appear when I type* that into my Web browser to prove it! I decided last night, after four hours of working on domain searches and Web site-related tutorials, that when I read that "The webmaster has not yet uploaded any files to this site. Check back soon!" it's talking about ME! Kathy's the "Web master?" Oh, my!

One thing I have practiced this past year is to ask God to encourage me when I need it. I have been encouraged! Thank you, Josh Asbury of! Thanks also to Dan Miller and his book, 48 Days to the Work You Love! To my friends from The Christian PEN - Proofreaders and Editors Network who have only supported me and believed with me that I can make this work - this IS a viable business!

Thank you, Lord. I'm not really too old. Your kindness is amazing!

*FYI - for your information, times have changed and it's not typing any more; now it's "keying"!