October 26, 2010

Upload and Update

My parents were delighted with the tributes that different friends and family members sent his way for his birthday. Thank you! I have one more to upload, then I think that's the end of it. I'm looking forward to spending some quiet evenings reading over them with him here in a week or two. Or maybe we'll do it before the Duck game on Saturday. (Not exactly a quiet evening!)

Jerry and I have accepted an offer on our home and should close the sale by the end of this week. Our plan is to spend the winter in my parents' home while they stay warm in southern California. Jerry will continue his studies and I will continue my transcription work while we keep our eyes open for our next home. These are our plans, but we know God's plans are sometimes quite different from ours, so we will just pray and follow him. How can you go wrong with a plan like that?

So, yes, my dear sister who is already living in a "55 and over" community, it's my turn! Now there's an adventure I don't believe I ever thought I'd ask for.