June 1, 2011

This Morning I Finally Buckled Down

This morning I finally buckled down and went through three photo albums and scanned them all into my computer. Do you know how long I have been putting that off? My very righteous excuse was that I was just living "life in the now" and not overly concerned with the past, though I knew this needed to be done. It's one of those things that I find energizing and exciting, but I chose to put it off because of an over-active sense of duty. So, to overcome that I kicked off my shoes and dove in!

Another thing I am putting off is baking my husband some cookies, so I'm getting busy right now. Here I go. There, I took the butter out of the frig! The transcriptions can wait for now. We need the smell of cookies baking in this house!

My husband worked odd shifts for most of our early marriage. I celebrated our anniversary by getting the boys ready for bed, getting my wedding dress on and making him a nice meal.