October 15, 2011

Who Needs a Time Out?

I wonder if I need more time-outs the older I get. I can sure tell when it's been too long since my last one! I can get persnickety and sour and have trouble keeping my peace, and that's just not fun! If it goes on too long I see flies buzzing around my head, so to speak. My sourness starts stinkin' and my words get sharp. And even though I see those words heading towards my mouth and I'm not liking them much, I feel unable to package them correctly before they start tumbling out my mouth. Thankfully, this evening I was able to see them coming and zip my lips before much damage was done. So now everyone's in bed and I'm confined in my little corner with my Bible, my journal, my pen and my ornery self. Sometimes I read the scriptures chapter after chapter and see that many things I'd heard before are woven together with new ideas I'm just now uncovering. Sometimes I read and take notes. Sometimes I copy a few lines so I can look at them more carefully and refer to them later. Sometimes I just write my prayers and thoughts. Sometimes I doodle, and sometimes I doze. Then I fold it all up and put it in his hands and go to bed. You might say that time-outs are quite effective at my age!