May 29, 2008

Top of the Tree

The spring chill crawled into our cozy home as we lounged on the couch tonight. I pulled a blanket up to my chin during a boring scene in the movie, and my husband's head dropped back as he felt his evening "doze" coming on. I wondered how many movie endings he had missed!

As I snuggled down I realized how good this life is.

A couch, a movie, a simple meal inside me. My daughter tapped her homework on the computer keys, or she would have been sitting beside us. More likely, she would have planted herself right in between us!

My husband agreed that a small fire would be good tonight, to warm the house just a bit. As I stepped outside for some wood, I looked up to the top of the nearest fir tree and said, "Thank you".

That's all. No eloquence there.

Well, maybe there is eloquence there! Thank you to a God I cannot see or explain. Thank you to the good, the comforting, the presence, the wellness. Thank you for the friendly smiles I saw today. Thank you for it all.