July 3, 2009

A Bucket, A Child, A Cherry Tree

Offer a child a bucket and a cherry tree, and you've got a special day!

Throw in an old friend (I found her on Facebook) and offer her daughter some chickens to supplement her existing flock. Then take the bold step to invite the whole family over to pick them up. This was the recipe I'd proposed, and they bravely took me up on my invitation, not knowing if I'd be pleasant company or not! (Her daughter had never met me, for we had parted ways shortly after her birth.)

What a fun day! Tummies and cheeks full of cherries, popsicles on a stick, chickens in our Coop da Ville, a wobbly ladder, two grandmas enjoying non-stop "visitin'."

My daughter Amy remarked how nice it was to have children around again. She, who had prayed and asked God for a sister when she was 5 years old but wanted to change her mind when we started collecting foster children!

Ya know, we both enjoyed giving ourselves away that day. A good reminder to "live for others" instead of for ourselves - we were amazingly blessed. I think they were too!