May 21, 2008

My new Web site is up - thanks to frugaltude!

Today's E-mail to my contacts:
I am experiencing a burst of exuberant joy just now, and doing a little "happy dance" around the dining room! Amazingly, I was able to learn to build and publish my own Web site (with encouragement from some of my friends). This is a huge hurdle for me as I build my clientele, and I'm so glad it's out there!

Have a look and offer suggestions, if you wish. Thank you so much for your advice, prayers, and support. Blessings to you, -- Kathy Davis.

Web site: writing, little things make a BIG difference!


Though it required many long hours of work, I am so pleased! Josh Asbury from pointed me towards web hosting with because he understood that I needed to start small. When I need more web-related services, I'll be back to talk more with him! He is geared up to help position my site on the Web so that I might attract more attention.

Here is what my frugaltude accomplished for me... Domain name, web hosting without advertising for 3 months' duration, Web site design, and publishing it to the Web - it all cost me less than $45!

One reason it was inexpensive is because I was given MS Office while taking courses at the community college last summer. That was one of those "top ten" gifts of the century for this girl!

Just two days ago I learned that this package included MS Publisher, which can be used to create web pages! Oh joy! The templates available at Bravenet were satisfactory, and I knew one day I would afford myself a nicer web design, but for this creative soul to have access to designing my own - big WOW!

In a previous post, I explained that frugaltude is my "attitude of frugal contentment".

I have a real "tude" about some things. For instance, when I see advertising that implies I have to buy something, my "tude" kicks in, and I defy it. Well, at least I strongly question it! I have dealt with my rebellious nature, and I have let it rule, when appropriate. What is fun about having this "tude" is that it has saved me gobs* of money! I estimate that my Web site could have cost me several hundred dollars if I hadn't done it myself.

*Is gobs a word? Yes! it's in the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary. (proofreader at work!)