May 12, 2008

Building my Web site

My Web site is under construction this week!

My goal is to have meat on its bare-bones existence before Saturday, May 17 - the date for the Oregon Writers Conference in Eugene.

What I am hoping to learn today is how to change the "letterhead" of the site, moving the title and tag line directly to the right of the picture. Currently, it is situated below the picture and leaves too much white space for my liking. Content is more important to me right now, though. One of my pages is entitled, What is a proofreader? and another is, Do I need a proofreader? Time to get busy and write! (This is "way" too fun!)

Learning to build a Web site has been fascinating for me. Over the years I have said that I enjoy "arranging things on paper". I studied calligraphy in my teens, and created several wedding invitations for my peers. It matters to me how things appear in print, both the images and the text. Maybe I'll take a class in Web design one day!

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: If we truly believe God is Creator, and that we are made in His image, then we must also believe that displaying our creativity shows God to the world.