July 16, 2008

How Interesting...

...that my last post reflected my thoughts on death, and now, after a relative's memorial service this weekend I am starting to build relationships with cousins I haven't seen in 30 years!

Building on old contacts. It's just interesting.

In addition, this just happens to be the week that our former foster daughter, "K", is visiting. Two years ago we thought we were going to adopt her. It still feels like she's ours, but we share her with another foster family and her brothers. That's interesting, too!

Now she's back in her old bedroom where my grown son found her with tears in her eyes. This, after he dunked her in our horse tank and chased her around the backyard like a kid (he's almost 30).

She said she was sad because she wants to be with us. When she's with the other family, she wants to be with them. She misses both places. She wants to be an active part of our family and play with her so-called nieces and nephews as they grow up - like she did tonight.

Life is good in both places. Life is hard in both places.

It's just not easy being a kid, especially in foster care. But for her, she's got the best foster-life I've ever seen. She is loved by many families, and she has close-to-the-heart friends. She has contact with her birth family. She is learning that life isn't a fairy tale, but it can be so good! She is sweet-natured, and I know God is big enough to hold her and lead her through all of her life.

I will hold her in prayer as long as I have breath in my lungs - that way I can call her mine!

As for my newly found "old" cousins? We've got a lot of catching up to do. How interesting...