June 6, 2011

Pastor Laurie in Uganda

My dear friend from childhood is living and working with her daughter and a local pastor in Uganda with Cornerstone Ministries. They are helping raise and teach a select group of orphans. She has given me permission to share her news and pictures here, which I am proud to do!

Here is her weekly update: "We have begun an allowance system for the kids to help teach them responsibility and how to save… If they "spoil" (American English - "wreck") their shoes or sandals, rip a button off their shirt, throw their sandals or shoes on the roof, "lose" their toothbrush or hanky, etc., they have to pay from their spending money to have it fixed or replaced.

"We have been doing this now for 4 weeks. The kids who bought the balloons beginning the 2nd week (money burning a hole in their pockets) found that balloons pop easily and their purchase was not that great. Most of the boys are saving to buy a matchbox car (thanks to one of you for sending them with us!). Some of the girls are saving for a jump rope of their own.
The first picture is of Abby and Amos as she gives him his 1,000 shillings for the week. You can see his bag around his neck.

"Thank you to all of you who continually support this ministry with your financial gifts - you make it possible for us to do this kind of thing...training these kids for how to save and spend wisely when they grow up. I think about all of you as we pull out the allowance stuff and go down and check on whether their shoes have been spoiled, whether they still have their hanky, etc. You are teaching these children such a valuable and not-very-Ugandan lesson. (Pastor) Rogers comment as he watched this was: 'I sure wish someone had taught me to save money and spend well when I was young!'"

Abby giving Amos his allowance
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