October 9, 2010

Birthday Tributes to Paul Sheldon

Our birthday tributes to our Dad, Uncle, Brother-in-law, friend, etc. are stationed at the bottom of this Web page. I had intended them to be planted here where my blog posts show up but was unable to make that happen. Oh, well!

To protect your privacy I will publish your work with only your initial(s). With your permission I will change that to your name as it appears in your email and in the prints. Just let me know.

I've been stuck home sick these past few days, so there is still time to contribute (or change what you've already submitted). All you need to do is email me your words. I will arrange them with a photo and/or border (as below) to make a nice a 4 x 6 print to slide into his album, which he keeps handy by his recliner to look through periodically. (You may notice some of my more "wordy" contributors have covered two prints.)

Thank you so much for your contributions! They make such good reading!