December 25, 2010

Day 6 & 7 - Christmas in San Angelo

Christmas blessings!

We piled into the SUV yesterday for an early lunch and some shopping. Ayden trailed Grandpa in Walmart while his folks picked up some groceries for the very special Christmas dinner that Sarah was planning. I grabbed my favorite hot chocolate mix and added it to the cart, then left them to go wandering. It wasn't that I needed to purchase anything, I just wanted to take my brain on a little vacation!

When we got home I started on our tamale pie. We were lacking in cornmeal a bit, so I found some cheese crackers and crushed them into the cornmeal crust mixture to extend it. It worked out fine, though there were no leftovers (and no complaints, as well). This was one of the top recipes Aaron enjoyed as a kid. While it was baking the little family put together their gingerbread house.

This morning we enjoyed Grandpa's pancakes for our Christmas breakfast. Patiently Ayden waited while Grandpa read the story of Jesus' birth. After we enjoyed our exchanging of gifts the "boys" (Ayden, his dad and grandpa) played with a truck that jumped over pop cans in the hall. Sarah spent the rest of the day putting together a wonderful meal. When everyone had their food I served myself and walked into the family room with an impulsive creative "grace" to offer. I raised my plate high over my head and thanked God for the food and for Sarah. Everyone agreed! Sometimes traditions need to be changed, but I'm sure God always appreciates a thankful heart.