August 6, 2010

Chalk Giants and Iron Man

Ayden and I hung around home today, so before the heat set in we made our own world with sidewalk chalk in the driveway. It's fascinating to enter into boys' play.

1. The first thing we created was a road. What guy would be happy without a way to go places?
2. The second thing of importance was a WalMart store, probably for buying more Iron Man toys, I'd guess.
3. Then we decided Iron Man needed a home, so Ayden made the city of Dallas at the end of the driveway and I drew a garage for his motorcycle to park in.
4. I suggested a gas station, but it was most likely a "girl thing" to think that a motorcycle could run out of gas. Don't bother him with such details!
5. At that point he was losing interest in my drawing. Drawing is my thing, not his, so in order to re-engage him I asked him to lay down on the ground so I could trace him and make a giant for Iron Man to fight. Then I lay down and we made a scary grandma giant. I haven't quite figured out how a grandma can be scary, but I'll consider that later.

Now if I had been playing with chalk by myself I would have drawn flowers or trees, and probably a cabin in the woods with a chimney and horses grazing nearby. I appreciate words, so there probably would have been an inspirational quote or scripture somewhere in my drawing. I'm a girl, and an older one at that, so I had to disregard my idyllic scenario and stay plugged in to a 7-year-old boy's world of battles and victories and challenges and bravery.

When I'm back in Oregon I can work on my cabin.