November 25, 2009

Hi, Tami-the-Mennonite

I received a quick response from my request for Mennonite friends from a woman named Tami. My problem: I don't know how to respond to her any way except THIS WAY!

Helllooo, Tami! I think that the best way for us to communicate would be for you to once again leave a comment here on my blog and include your email address. Instead of publishing it and making it public, I'll delete it and respond to you privately. Does that sound good to you?

Tami said she would respond to my questions, so here are a few that I ponder:
1. Are all Mennonites farmers?
2. Do they hear that question often?
3. Is there a network where I might be able to trace the Mennonite family I met in Mexico last winter? I don't know if I would follow through with trying to find them, it's just my curiosity at work. They were visiting a Mennonite community and school in the Yuma, AZ area, but their home was somewhere on the east coast.

God bless the Mennonites!