November 3, 2011

Time to Move On - to my new website!

I'm closing shop and carrying on at a new address! Come and visit my new website:

October 25, 2011

How Many of Me Are There?

In this part of Oregon I share my name with several Kathy Davises, and the name Kathleen Davis is just about as common. Online the most prominent Kathy Davis I encounter is a well-known greeting card artist. I would love to have created her colorful designs myself but no, I didn't. I found one who is a lawyer and another who I thought was a bit odd. No, that wasn't me, either! At Adams Elementary School in the 60s it seemed there were Kathys in every classroom. I believe it was in 2nd grade that there were 3 of us, and believe-it-or-not, one of them was a blonde-haired girl named Cathy Davis! I was brown-haired Kathy Sheldon, and I honestly don't remember the other Kathy. That was the first year I distinguished myself by asking to be called Kathleen. Aside from my husband, these days there are only 2 or 3 people who still call me that. At one point, I remember, I wished for a dreamy princess name like Cinderella or something. So glad THAT dream didn't come true! Cinderella Sheldon Davis, oh dear! That's why I stuck my maiden name in my title for my new website. I may still be a little bit envious of people with simple but unique author's names like Dorcas Smucker, but I'll get over it. I'm thankful for what I've been given. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= I'm in the process of relocating my blog. WordPress hosts my writings now at This new location will give me room to grow and more fascinating things to learn about blog writing and other very cool stuff. Check it out and leave a comment if you like. Your thoughts would be interesting to me. Thanks a bunch!

October 17, 2011

As Unto the Lord

Last night I sat quietly by the woodstove to absorb some heat before heading off to bed. I was distracted periodically by my concerns about my inability to sleep sometimes, but what I was contemplating was that I needed to do everything my hands find to do "heartily as unto the Lord." That's how I remember the King James version putting it, anyway. I've been accused of "thinking too much," and that could be true. I do find myself overly concerned about my hands finding the right thing to do. But I think the scripture isn't speaking about the appropriateness of the task, but rather why it's being done. Or for whom it is being done, as unto the Lord! On my list today: 1. Make sure transcripts are done on time. 2. Visit my parents in Eugene and talk about them keeping my recumbent exercise bike and me using their sewing machine case instead of sending it to Goodwill. Since I've been down with a cold I've neglected our chats. 3. Make a healthy meal for my family. 4. Get some exercise myself. 5. Go to the parent-teacher conferences tonight at Junction City High School. 6. All of the above as unto the Lord.

October 15, 2011

Who Needs a Time Out?

I wonder if I need more time-outs the older I get. I can sure tell when it's been too long since my last one! I can get persnickety and sour and have trouble keeping my peace, and that's just not fun! If it goes on too long I see flies buzzing around my head, so to speak. My sourness starts stinkin' and my words get sharp. And even though I see those words heading towards my mouth and I'm not liking them much, I feel unable to package them correctly before they start tumbling out my mouth. Thankfully, this evening I was able to see them coming and zip my lips before much damage was done. So now everyone's in bed and I'm confined in my little corner with my Bible, my journal, my pen and my ornery self. Sometimes I read the scriptures chapter after chapter and see that many things I'd heard before are woven together with new ideas I'm just now uncovering. Sometimes I read and take notes. Sometimes I copy a few lines so I can look at them more carefully and refer to them later. Sometimes I just write my prayers and thoughts. Sometimes I doodle, and sometimes I doze. Then I fold it all up and put it in his hands and go to bed. You might say that time-outs are quite effective at my age!

October 11, 2011

The Old Kitchen Aid

My mother-in-law endowed me with her 1950s Kitchen Aid several years ago, and I respectfully stored it away as a family heirloom. My daughter showed me the error of my ways however, explaining that our friend Mrs. Meyers had replaced hers with a new one and regretted letting the old one go. I think it was one of those "they just don't make things like they used to" moments. So, on Amy's recommendation I got it out and put it to work. At this point it has ground 50-some pounds of meat for jerky, made dozens of cookies of various shapes, whipped egg whites for our fluffy tapioca puddings and mixed the batter and frostings for several layer cakes. I know it could do so much more if I just took the time to learn about it.
Just like me the old machine gets a little over-heated when she doesn't get enough breaks, but other than that she's a trooper!