April 28, 2007

Back From Iraq

He's back!

Once again he's back in his old bedroom. He's almost thirty, and there he sleeps next to his wife and child. We will enjoy their voices and insights and energy and musings in the house for two full weeks before they must go back to the Air Force base at the opposite corner of our country.

Thank-you, God, he's back!

I really did mean it, Lord. He's my second-born, and I gave Him back to You just moments after He was born. I meant it, and I've never regretted it.

He's Your man!

I didn't enter into wife-hood or mother-hood lightly. When I gave my heart to Jesus at a very young age, I meant it with all I had. I wasn't seeking a more wonderful life for myself. I wasn't seeking just another "thing" to have. I didn't commit myself to my husband with any alternate plans. And I didn't ask God for children without a healthy level of understanding the sacrifices and risks involved! These choices were just part of my growing and trusting His leadership.

He didn't promise that it would always be easy, and it isn't! But living my life to the fullest, with my eyes on Jesus, will always have its rewards. I didn't marry because I knew this man would always be loving and good to me. And I didn't choose motherhood because I knew my children would always love God. I made these choices because the risks were worth it!

I asked God for a husband and children so that I might understand His plans for me better, trust Him more and "make disciples", as He mandated in the scriptures. It was the most natural thing to me: I was ready to give myself to someone else and not only live for myself and my own comforts. I was ready to take the risk and commit myself to a husband and marriage that could turn sour, like anyone's can... but I carefully offered my whole heart to the Lord, and asked Him to lead me. AND I asked Him to turn my feet away from that path if I was heading the wrong way!

When everything inside me was in the place of peace, then I took the step of faith and allowed myself to enter in to the JOY of loving my husband! (that was 29 years ago, by the way!)

At the time my marriage was young, I didn't have the means to "go into all the world and make disciples", as Jesus said, but I could go into parenthood and lead a little one to Jesus! What a privilege!

How kind of God to keep bringing this wonderful son back to my home...how outstanding to put my arms around his neck...how miraculous that I get to enjoy his wife and son here!! Thank-you, God! I still mean it, Lord, they're Yours!

Just thank-You, God! I gave Him to You, and You keep bringing him back! Thank-You so much! You have made me so rich!

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