August 30, 2008

The Purpose of Eating

Because of the remarkable changes that I'll be seeing in my life in the next few months, I felt the time had come for me to fast. One thing I've learned is that it doesn't work for me to sign any kind of contract when I fast. I merely step into very shallow water, then discover as I make progress that I am able to, and want to go deeper. Then I wait till I feel the work is done, and I resume eating.

One thing that seemed right, as I prayed about it and read the Scriptures, was that I didn't want to take any kind of food at all, not even sugar in my tea. I drank lots of herb teas, but nothing caffeinated. And I had no clue how long it would last. I started just thinking that I would go meal by meal, and I felt the Lord enable me.

As a teenager I found the book, God's Chosen Fast, by Arthur Wallis. I refer to it when I'm fasting (which isn't very often), but it's wonderfully informative and simple. I would recommend it to anyone.

As I began eating again, I posted a note on my refrigerator. Since my appetite (and stomach capacity) had shrunk, I wanted to take advantage of that and eat less long-term. Here's how I encouraged myself:

Eating: will not relieve pain
will not make you feel better
will not solve loneliness
will not give you purpose
will not give you long term pleasure
will not help you with your issues
is too often just a pacifier!
Feel a need?
get a warm drink
get a cold drink
take a walk

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