September 10, 2009

She Got Real Little!

In the eyes of my 4-year-old little girl Amy, an airplane was an amazing thing. We walked down the long, wide hallway at Mahlon Sweet Airport with our friend (also named Amy) and her luggage. We sat on a hard seat in the waiting area and tried real hard not to be boisterous. She hid behind my leg when a stranger looked too long at her over his magazine.

Running down the walk outside, we tried to get to a spot in the parking lot where we could see our friend's plane climbing into the sky. I managed to direct Amy's eyes toward the right cloud. Then she saw it!

The plane got farther away. She kept getting distracted with a bug on the pavement, so I made her look again. Then farther. I got her to look again. I pointed out that the plane was getting harder to see, and I reminded her that Miss Amy was inside it.

After a while we couldn't detect the plane any longer. I love asking young children thoughtful questions, so I asked her what happened to Miss Amy.

My daughter searched the clouds, then matter-of-factly answered, "She got reeeeal little!"


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