April 16, 2007

Let's Talk About James

"Let's Talk About James" Bible Study
chapter 1, verse 1

Okay, so I'm just a mom.

Okay, so I'm older than that, I'm a grandma, too!

So, who am I to think someone would want to hear anything I have to say?

Well, let's give this a chance. Look at what James says! I mean, the first thing he wrote to introduce himself was:

"James, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Oh, by the way, the book of James that I'm talking about? It's near the back of the Holy Bible. I use the New International Version. There's lots of versions, but this one suits me best. Whatever you have on hand is okay...

Okay, so let's keep it simple like James did. Yeh, right! I am a woman, so I should be known for wanting to add a bunch more words than that! I'll hold my tongue, though, because James later talks about that, too.

For right now, let's keep it simple.

"Kathy, a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ."

Do I believe that? Yes. At least, I sure want to believe that! I still want to add more words to my introduction, though. I want to be known as more, especially more than just a servant. Man, it's really hard holding my tongue!

Okay, so have to say a little more... When I was in second grade (okay, it was the early sixties) I had one of the most common names in my school. Okay, so I've used "okay" for the last time on this page! I promise!

I believe there were three “Kathys” in my class of squirming little second graders! (It was a long time ago) We’ve all been there, I suppose, where we just felt ordinary and un-special. I dreamed of having a pretty name like “Sarah”, or a princess name like “Cinderella”. But I didn't. And I wasn't brave enough to change it, or even come up with a good nickname. I was just Kathy. Little girls all over America were Kathy. The child character on one of the most popular family TV shows was Kathy. It seems like all the ones I knew were like me, too, with brown hair and freckles. Plain ole’ Kathy!

And there were THREE Kathys in my class!!!!! Can you believe it? Imagine this was you, and three people had your name! Our teacher solved the confusion issue by giving us a choice of tags. One girl was Kathy Davis, believe it or not! (that's my married name - I'm still not unique!) The other girl wanted to go by her middle name. So, I offered my legal name: “Kathleen”, and allowed her to address me as such, though no one had ever called me that before.

Well, all that James told us was that he’s "James, a servant". Wow. You know, that much actually makes me want to meet him. What was he like, to only want to be known as "James, a servant"? He definitely was not a self-promoter! Do you think he had a firm, self-assured handshake, or a wimpy-limpy one?

But let’s not cut him short, or develop a prejudice because of his first “impression”. The rest of his sentence of introduction is,

“...a servant of God and of the Lord Jesus Christ, to the twelve tribes scattered among the nations: Greetings.”

Now he sounds important! He’s on a mission from the God of all creation and His Son! Whoa! And, he’s got something to say to the people God wants to talk to: the people of Israel!

Many of us have the audacity to believe that God wants to talk to us, too. Wow. I'm no "people of Israel", but that's okay. Let's not worry about Israel right now... I'm convinced He wants to talk to you; yes YOU!

Hey, why don't you try it? I'll hold my tongue while you try to listen to God! Just get as honest, and as quiet, as you can, and ask Him. Go on, I double-dog dare ya! I'll give you a hint that might help: give Him a chance to whisper into your heart - don't get in a hurry, or worry that you're just putting the thoughts in there yourself.

Another hint: His voice will sound VERY familiar to you, because He's been talking to you all your life. He's always been loving, never critical or demanding. He's not like an abusive dad. He's never neglected you. He's not a "not there" father. He's CRAZY about you! So, when you hear that voice that sounds like the Dad you've always wished you had, that's HIM!

All He wants is for you to know His Son, Jesus, who came to open the door for you to go on in and talk to your Dad, God! And all that junk that you've heard about your sin and stuff? Jesus already took care of that when He took your place in judgment. It's DONE! it's GONE! This fact is more true than anything ever known in history.

Can you dare to believe that? Well, if not, Jesus can help you with that, too. Just ask. Okay, I'll be quiet now.


Are you back? If you'd like to tell me about it, I'd love to hear what happened.

Okay, so we only talked about the first verse in James. Didn't get very far, did we! Oh, well, I never liked piles of words anyway. Short, sweet and simple is good for me! I like words to have real meaning, to be well thought out. I hate unnecessary verbiage or confusion! I want to be known as a woman who means what she says, clearly. I want to be honest and real, and that is my objective.

If there is anything good or beautiful about my life, it comes from what God created deep inside of me. And yes, I really do want to be known as His servant. All that I have to offer, I offer to the One I serve, and to the people He loves...

Oh no, I just noticed I used the word "okay" again (and again)!

...from His plain ole' servant, Kathy

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Anonymous said...


I am so enjoying this! :)
It seems that I am regularly sharing with John the most awesome things I heard from God today, and yesterday, and last week. What an incredible Father; an incredible miracle!