October 3, 2007

List of Old Girls

Help me make a list.

I'm just starting this research today, so help me fill in the blanks...I'd like to make an encouraging list of women who started a "new" life/ministry/business at a later age.

Corrie ten Boom, with her family, began their work with the underground in Holland when she was 50 years old. After her arrest and then release from the concentration camp, she opened rehabilitation centers and then began her public speaking ministry at the age of 52! (that's my age!)

Mother Theresa - She started the sisterhood "Order of the Missionaries of Charity" in India at the age of 40.

Grandma Moses - I've read that she started painting (after a life as a farmer's wife and having given birth to 10 children) while in her 70's because arthritis prevented her from continuing her embroidery. She produced hundreds of paintings until shortly before she died at the age of 101!

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