October 3, 2007

My Three Little Girls

I don't think I'm releasing private information if I tell you the first names of my three foster daughters. I still call them mine, though I share them, because I gave them my life for a long period of time. I home schooled them and mothered them when there was no one else there for them.

I got to speak with Therese, Elizabeth and Kayli, all on the same day this week. They've been out of my home since last winter, but we stay in touch. Kayli came to us when she had just turned 7 yrs. of age. She was in and out of our home twice, and now lives with her brothers in a foster home near Salem. She is 12 yrs. old now!

Therese and Elizabeth were in our home one full year. They are now 9 and 7, respectively. What a delightful time of girl stuff! We had raised three sons and a daughter, and had never had a houseful of little girls before. What a scream! (sometimes literally!)

I don't know why I wanted to say this, I guess it's just to remind myself of what my life was like last year. My home is very quiet now!

Oh, I just remembered an old prayer I prayed! When I first asked God for children almost 30 years ago, I asked for a houseful of sons. Both my husband and I were raised with sisters in the majority, so I thought raising sons to be men of God would be an awesome thing. At the end of my prayer I said something like, "I'd raise even 10 sons for you, Lord, but let me have at least one daughter. I want to experience everything that you have for me to learn."

Did I really mean "everything"? gulp!

Well, yeah, actually, I did! Lord, help my unbelief!

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